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Yooper Pigs Don’t Like Snow


4-H Piglets for the U.P. State Fair

On of my families hobbies is 4-H. Each year we raise pigs and chickens for the Alger and Marquette County fairs and the U.P. State Fair.

We train our horses for the horse races and we  feed, bathe, and train all our animals to show. With the weather warming up the sows are having their piglets and kids are hand picking them to be their pets for the year.

With a winter weather advisory for the southern U.P. we left at 7 a.m. Friday morning to choose our pigs. There was snow on the ground in Escanaba when we drove through. We were a little nervous that our baby pigs would get cold, but they were raised south of Gwinn so they were pretty used to it. However, they can get pneumonia easily.

When we got there it was raining, but we still choose our four white pigs. A couple with blue spots and a couple with blue faces. Two boys and two girls, 50 pounds a piece.

When we got them home they snuggled in their houses and slept. Now they come out to eat and play and we can pet them a little bit. In a couple weeks they will be running to us wanting to be scratched.

They are very cute, very smart, and fun!

Here they are.

U.P. piglets
Our pigsMe and the pigs
Baby Pigs
The 4 piglets


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