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Employers Want Your Facebook Password


Interviewees are Being Asked for Social Media Access

You’ve heard of employers finding you on Facebook to get more information on the kind of person you are, but now they are taking it even further. Now employers are asking for your Facebook login information and password.

Social Media sites
The login page

What would you do if you were asked by a potential boss for your password?

I would say no! I have nothing to hide, so they can go search me, friend me and I will accept if they ask me too. But I will not give away my personal information and password. The rights and responsibilities on Facebook say that you cannot give your password away, however it is not enforced.

What if refusing to give your password away meant not receiving a job?

Be prepared, I guess employers are asking candidates to sign on to their Facebooks during interviews now too. The next thing that is going to happen is everyone is going to have two facebook pages, one for employers to view and literally log on to, and another for their “party” friends.

Apparently, Illinois and Maryland are trying to pass legislation that makes it illegal for employers to ask for social media personal information. Good! This is taking it too far.

Photo from- http://teens.drugabuse.gov/blog/lets-talk-facebook/




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