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Birthday Number 22


April 25th is My Birthday!

After my exams today :/ I got to go home and have dinner with my family. My mom made Kropsua, which are Finnish (oven) pancakes and they are thick and rich and delicious!

American Idol
My new golf clubs...vote Skylar : )

Then we went outside to ride in the Razor my boyfriend brought over. The horses ran next to us and we seen turkeys riding around the fields. After watching my dad zip around we decided he wasn’t allowed to drive anymore. 🙂

Then we went in to watch American Idol…vote Skylar…and made triple chocolate brownies and had them with ice cream.

My boyfriend got me a set of golf clubs, so that I can learn how to play…I’m crossing my fingers. It should be fun, hopefully the weather’s nice so we can go tomorrow!

I still have another exam tomorrow morning, BUT today has been a great day! Thank you everyone for making it the best!

Triple Choclate Chunk Brownies
2,080 calories down the hatch!


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