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American Idol has Its Season 11 Top Five


Elise Voted Off American Idol

Elise got voted off American Idol tonight. I think that it was the right decision. Elise and Hollie have been in the bottom three for probably three weeks now and they are good, but still the weakest of everyone.

Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, and Ryan Seacrest
The Idol Judges

Some years you have a bunch of average singers and then you never hear from the winner again, but this is not one of those years. Just like last year, when there is so much talent that I wanted five people to win. And Scotty McCreery has definitely done well after Idol. Lauren Alaina is also doing very good even after she came in second.

This year the top five are very good! Elise was good also, but she did struggle to get into the songs emotionally and she was off key more frequently than the rest of the singers.

Hollie was in the bottom three again with Elise and Skylar : O, who has never been in the bottom three!

I think that Skylar should win, she’s like Dollie Parton and Reba McEntire put together. Jessica should come in second, Phillip should be third, Joshua fourth, and Hollie should be voted off next. We’ll see if I’m right.



Photo from- http://www.examiner.com/slideshow/20-photos-american-idol-judges-and-jennifer-lopez-at-oscars?slide=44004431#main


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