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Wynter and Owyn Take Marquette!

Owyn the Cat.
Owyn and I ready to take a trip.

Marquette, MIJuly 26, 2017 – My cat, Owyn, was named after the actor Owen Wilson. I rescued her from a cat hoarders house. The sign: Free Kittens caught my attention while driving by a house.  Like most, I had to make a pit stop and check out these adorable little fur balls.  I asked for a boy kitten, and a man handed me what was supposed to be a male. That is why I named her Owyn.

I was now a Mama! She was pure gray with the attitude of a diva. She was running around, and I noticed she was not a boy. Awkward! I just decided to leave her name Owyn for the time being until I could find a new name. Well, Owyn just stuck. As of now, Owyn is a year old and causing trouble all around Marquette. She travels places with me like Walmart, the beach, Sugar Loaf Mountain, and of course, my hometown of Menominee.

We hope to see you around the community and if you’re lucky I just might have her with me.

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