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Wynter and the U.P. State Fair – August 15, 2017

Wynter 'Til Dawn
Sharks kill less than toasters.

Marquette, MI August 15, 2017 – If you are an early riser then I hope you are tuning into my show Wynter ‘Til Dawn 103-FXD. I spent time talking about the U.P. State Fair that started yesterday, the 14th and goes until the 20th. I am excited to go down there when I get a chance! The U.P. State Fair always has great food and amazing fair events.

I also spent time talking about weird statistics that Americans suffer through each day. Did you know that you are more likely to get killed by a toaster than a shark? It makes complete sense to me because when I was at a Public Relations conference, I was at breakfast, and an attendee tried to get her bagel that was stuck in the toaster, out with a fork. I had to shout “DO NOT DO THAT!” I saved a life that day.

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