stjudephonenumberbutton15/1/2014 Marquette, Michigan — The 103-FXD Staff – Elmer, Joe, Dennis, Eric, Lisa, Luke and Sara invite you to join them for a story of hope. It’s the annual St. Jude Radiothon today and tomorrow! We’re encouraging you to please become a Partner In Hope – only $20/per month, .66 cents per day! Join us for a Story of Hope from 6am to 7pm…only on 103-FXD. Proudly brought to you by:  St. Germain SandblastingDuquaine Heating-Cooling & Refrigeration and Hardee’s of Upper Michigan.

Call now and make a difference in Upper Michigan! Please call 362-WFXD that’s 362-9393. Let’s end childhood cancer in Upper Michigan for good! Call 362-WFXD that’s 362-9393.

-Eric Scott

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