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A Tribute to Lane Dawson, Host of The Country Scoop

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Lane Dawson, host of The Country Scoop

Lane Dawson was an exceptional man. He passed away calmly at his home this weekend after serving our area so well. He was truly a star in so many people’s minds.

He befriended us all here at Great Lakes Radio, making it a point to say hello to everyone in the office whenever he came in. His easy smile and cheerful disposition made him a cherished friend to all of us.

Ask his friends what they remember about Lane, and you will be regaled with wonderful stories about kindness, generosity, inspiration, and love. He definitely embodied all of these and many more wonderful qualities.

All of us at the radio station were blessed to see his friendly smile each day and our hearts go out to his wife Judy and their family. May God bless and keep you all.

Mr. Lane Dawson walked through our lives with a smile on his face, a song on his lips, and praise in his heart. There is no doubt about it – the music will be beautiful in heaven.

In Loving Memory of Lane Dawson – 1941 to 2016

Lane Dawson, Cathay Recording star, began his journey to stardom in Detroit, Mich., where he succumbed to the desire to become a full-time entertainer.

On WLS radio, Chicago, he was a part of Midwestern Hay Ride. Later he found himself in Washington, D.C., and then teamed with Jimmy Dean, one of the country’s entertainers of renown. During this period, part of which was spent in California appearing with name musicians, rubbing elbows with Ferlin Husky, Faron Young, Fern Diamond, Rose Maddox, Lonnie Meeks, Tiny Harris, and others, Lane came on rapidly, acquiring the polish that goes with stardom and success.

After his stint in Uncle Sam’s Navy, Lane sought out musicians who would become permanent members of the future Lane Dawson Show.

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