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George Strait “Drinkin’ Man” Your WFXD Song of the Day


103.3 The Country Extreme New Music Adds

George Strait “Drinkin’ Man”

Country's George Strait
*Photo Courtesy GeorgeStrait.com*

Marquette, Michigan – George Strait “Drinkin’ Man”  is your new music add and song of the day for this Tuesday on 103.3 The Country Extreme. George Strait “Drinkin’ Man”  is a powerful new song from George and can be heard today on 103.3 The Country Extreme.

It’s always new music first on your home for America’s music…103.3 The Country Extreme.

Be sure to check out the official website for George Strait HERE


  1. George Strait’s new single “Drinkin’ Man” (91st career single) is a sad emotional song which tells the life of a young man who has trouble with drinking. The song reflects with him looking into the mirror with the bottle still in his hands, with his mom and dad that worries about him, the friends that tried to save him, and the woman who loved him. This song will do well on the country charts this summer even if it becomes a number one song. With George writing this song with his son Bubba and songwriter Dean Dillon they make a good team of writing songs. George Strait is the “King of Country Music” who has had a successful run in his 30+ year career. Love this song!!!!!!

    Grade: A+

  2. When I first heard the song I vowed that it would be played at my brother’s funeral. All too soon that was reality on June 23, 2012. People asked if I wrote the song. No, but my 57 year old brother lived it. Thank you George, Bubba, and Dean.


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