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‘Reuben Lasker’ Boat Launch Video


208 Foot NOAA Ship Launched, June 16

The Reuben Lasker was built at the Marinette Marine Corporation in Marinette, WI, for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and launched on June 16. Pamela A. Lasker sponsored the ship and is the daughter of it’s namesake. She christened the ship before it was launched into the Menominee River.

The Reuben Lasker

The fishery survey vessel will provide information about fish stock and the health of the oceans. The ship has the latest technology for oceanic research as well navigation and sensors.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funded the Reuben Lasker and it is the fifth in a series of vessels built for the agency. It will survey fish, marine mammals and turtles off the U.S. West Coast and in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean.

This was the first time I watched a boat launch and it was AWESOME!! I didn’t know what to expect, so when I seen what actually happens my jaw dropped! It was going smooth and slow then all of a sudden…well you’ll see. CHECK OUT MY VIDEO!!!

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