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My Dizzy Cowboy Video!


Alger County Fun Show Sponsored By The U.P. Riders 4-H Club Dizzy Cowboy Video

At the Fun Show this post weekend at the Alger County Fair Grounds there was a race called the Dizzy Cowboy.

How the Dizzy Cowboy race works is…you run down to the barrel riding your horse, you jump off and someone takes your horse out of the arena, then you have to spin with your head on a bat 10 times!!! After that you get up, go around the barrel and run back out of the arena on foot. Doesn’t sound too hard.

U.P. Riders 4-H Club sponsored a horse show
The Ribbon Race- Me and Blaze are on the right

Most people did pretty good, but one boy could barely finish his spins he was so dizzy; it was HILARIOUS! Then there was me.

After my sister went, I thought, “Oh, it doesn’t look too bad, not too hard.” And I was giving everyone advise and pointers on how to speed up there time, well as it turns out I needed the pointers!

I had a quick run down and got off my horse fast, and I felt good..until my seventh spin. I should have known that with my balance I would have had a bit of trouble.

I figured I couldn’t tell you without showing you so, here you go. You have to watch close, my mom’s horse was pulling against her, but I come into view before too long. Don’t laugh too hard!!



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