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The Gladstone Fireworks and Vietnam Memorial


The Vietnam Memorial at Van Cleve Park in Gladstone for Independence Day

My family and I went to the Van Cleve Park in Gladstone for the Independence Day fireworks last Friday, July 6th, and we noticed what looked like a very long wall to our left.  My mom knew that it was the portable Vietnam Memorial that the Patriot Guard Riders brought in from the Island Resort and Casino.

Van Cleve Park Gladstone Vietnam Memorial Wall
The 360′ Vietnam Memorial Wall replica for the 4th of July and Gladstone’s 125th Birthday

It was 360 feet long and held the names of over 58,000 people who were killed or missing in action or prisoners of war during the Vietnam War. It was brought to Gladstone to celebrate the 4th of July and the city’s 125th Birthday.

The wall started out about 6 inches tall at the edge and grew to about 7 or 8 feet tall in the middle. Each panel had the dates of when the soldiers lost their lives at the bottom. It was heart wrenching.

The wall is almost an exact replica of the wall in Washington D.C. and a Texas group called the American Veterans Traveling Tribute brings the wall around the country.

Check out the pictures of the wall and the fireworks!

The portable Vietnam Memorial Wall
Looking down one side of the wall from the middle
The Vietnam Memorial Wall in Gladstone's Van Cleve Park
People admiring the warriors names on the middle section of the wall
Independence Day fireworks at Gladstone's Van Cleve Park
Gladstone’s fireworks over Lake Michigan at Van Cleve Park





Van cleve Park in Gladstone
More beautiful fireworks!


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