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Fur and Feather Swap in Trenary Saturday


The Great Northern Poultry and Livestock Connection is going to have a Fur and Feather Swap at the Holmquist Feed Mill in Trenary, Saturday July 28th from 10 a.m. to noon.

Trenary Fur and Feather Swap-Kitten
Cutie our latest little girl, when we just got her from the Swap.

As you know, I grew up in Trenary and have been to many of the Fur and Feather Swaps. You never know what kind of animals are going to be there and that’s why it is so fun! My brothers and sister and I have taken home many kittens over the years!

Usually there are ducks, bunnies, puppies, kittens, chickens and sometimes there are even ponies and cows.

If you have never been to the Swap, it is pretty much like a petting zoo except when you are ready to leave…you can take the animals home with you!!

Trenary is about 40 minutes south of Marquette on US-41. There’s a big sign and a gas station on the corner that you turn left at and then left at the only flashing light and the feed mill is on your right.


Fur and Feather Swap in Trenary Saturday July 28th
Cutie has gotten bigger.
Holmquist Feed Mill
RJ, we love our black cats!
Kittens from the Fur and Feather Swap in Trenary
Boots, he’s a playful one!


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