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The Fast Smooth New Species of Gator Has Arrived at Michigan Sales Marquette

This is the RSX-850i Gator on the floor before we took it for a test ride!
Fox Racing Shocks

MarquetteSeptember 13, 2012 – Michigan Sales John Deere store on US 41 Marquette Township has just received a new RSX-850i John Deere Gator.  It’s worth every penny of $15,849.

You’ll get there first when riding with your buddies.  Hey, leave your buddies in the dust…and who wants to be last anyway.  They have always said, “Nothing runs like a Deere”.

And just try and run this fast, even off road in your Jeep. The Deere is flyin’…

I’d say, “Deere hits a home run with the new RSX-850i.”

Ray, Daryl, Bob, invite you to Come on in, Pop on a helmet, and Take a little test ride!  Don’t forget to buckle up!

This is the new sporty, speedy Gator with giant Fox Racing shocks and Sport seats on it for a deluxe ride at high speeds. Check out the shocks.

As you can see in my video the trail is wavy and rough, and the Gator is negotiating all the waves, but the trees look smooth and normal as we go by.

Bob said hang on Todd let’s go for a ride.  He wasn’t kiddin’

Sports Seats
This new Gator goes right over the rocks


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