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Toddler and Gorilla Play Together


Howletts Wild Animal Park 
Bekesbourne Nr CanterburySeptember 17, 2012 – A dad and his young daughter embrace a gorilla 22 years ago and everything worked out well.

A large, strong 300-pound gorilla picks up a toddler and carries her as if she’s one of its own in a 22-year-old video that is only now being seen by the world.

ABC News reports the gorilla belongs to Damian Aspinall, who heads a foundation dedicated to conservation and sending gorillas back into the wild. The little girl in the video is Aspinall’s daughter, Tansy.

The blonde-haired toddler has a smile on her face as  she pets, plays and is carried around by a gorilla.

ABC News noted Aspinall said he is releasing the video now to bring awareness to endangered gorillas and to show their gentle nature and how he handled his daughter 22 years ago..


This other video shows the gorilla in the wild

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