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The All Famous Eben Ice Caves


This past weekend my sister got home from Michigan State for her spring break and my family all went down to the Eben Ice Caves!

Now, we grew up in Trenary and my parents still live there…it’s 15 minutes down the road from Eben Jct. BUT, we’ve only been to the Ice Caves a couple times when we were little. Not sure why, maybe because we were always…literally year round…busy with sports.

This year there has been a bigger buzz about them than even in the past and we were told about 200 people a day go there on the weekends! Finally, we got a chance to go this year.

When we turned the corner on the little dirt road, down from the New Moon, we gawked at the snow banks…Eben and Chatham are snow belts but we hadn’t had those banks in years! Then, we were shocked to see the cars! This is Eben, how do people even know where we are!

The trek in was fun too. Probably a mile and a half and it was a challenge. Half way through, the hills got so steep and slippery almost everyone fell. I attempted to sprint through an icy gully, when everyone else was shimmying down, and failed. I kneed a log and rolled, OUCH!

But it all payed off when we got to the Caves! Plus we explored and found a way back that didn’t include sliding back down on our butts!


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