Mise Well Call Our House a Deer Farm!

Out our back door!

There are a ton of Whitetail Deer at our house and we have drawn them in even more with a silage hay bale!

Yesterday, we counted 75 deer in our field! With our corn feeder we have a good 10 to 15 deer and the number decreases as the temperature rises. Apparently deer are picky and won’t eat horse hay : / which is cheaper!

My boyfriend and I love to hunt anything and everything, but he also loves, as in cares for, the deer too. He’s been feeding them hay bales as often as he can, trying to help them make it through the winter. He even buys trailer loads of potatoes! What a sweetie!

Even though the occasional deer scares the life out of me when I go outside in the morning and it jolts from right next to me, I don’t mind having them all there…as long as they can share the fields with my horses someday!