Students at Pig-A-PaloozaJuly 1, 2014 – Marquette, MI – Welcome to Pig-A-Palooza. Held at the Marquette County Fairgrounds, the expo is open to youth between the ages of 9 and 19 and runs for three days. Listening to presentations by livestock health and show specialists, the kids picked up quick tips on keeping their livestock healthy and preparing them for the showThe teens eagerly chowed down on lunch arena.

After a studying all morning, the kids were hungry and ready for pizza. First, they had to answer a question! When the last question had been answered, the kids flowed into the next building to munch on the stack of pizza waiting for them and hope their names were called for a door prize.

Pig-A-Palooza helped 65 kids get their livestock ready for the fair this fall. Thanks to all the volunteers who pitched in to make this event possible!





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