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Sunrise Over Freighter on Lake Superior


Wallpapers of these photos are available at the bottom.

Marquette Upper Harbor Sunrise Over Ore Ship
The beauty of the UP never stops.
Marquette, MI07/25/11 – Early morning risers were treated to another great sunrise over Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula today. A freighter voyaging out of Marquette’s upper harbor provided a great photo opportunity for anyone gazing past the ore dock.
Ore Ship and Boat on Lake Superior during Sunrise
Waiting for the perfect moment.
Presque Isle Park provided the best location for the perfect timing required to grab a snapshot of the sun rising right over the exiting freighter. I literally chased the ship from the lower harbor to Presque Isle Park waiting for the sun to finally appear over the horizon.
A few computer desktop images have been created and are available below courtesy of Great Lakes Radio, Inc. If you have any great shots of sunrises/sunsets or any other beautiful events across Michigan that you would like to share, please email them to me at bdowning@mre.fm.
Just Before Sunrise Ore Freighter Out On Marquette's Upper Harbor
The freighter went out past the break wall so a chase was imminent for the perfect shot.

Lake Superior Sunrise Desktop Wallpapers Available Below:


Lake Superior Sunrise Over Freighter With Boat Wallpaper HD - 1920x1080
Sizes available below


800×600 Lake Superior Sunrise – Freighter With Boat

1280×1020 Lake Superior Sunrise – Freighter With Boat

1440×900 Lake Superior Sunrise – Freighter With Boat

1920×1080 Lake Superior Sunrise – Freighter With Boat

Sunrise Over Lake Superior Freighter Wallpaper HD - 1920x1080

800×600 – Freighter in the mOREning

1280×1020 – Freighter in the mOREning

1440×900 – Freighter in the mOREning

1920×1080 – Freighter in the mOREning

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