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33rd Annual Hiawatha Music Festival is top-quality once again


Marquette, MI-07/27/2011- The Hiawatha Music Co-op once again put on a top-quality American music and dance festival again this year.  The festival took place at tourist park in Marquette Friday through Sunday night.

33rd Annual Hiawatha Music Festival
Harmonious Wail at the 33rd Annual Hiawatha Music Festival

There were eleven main-stage music acts from all over the country.  Some feature groups included Le Vent du Nord, a Canadian group; singer/song writer John McCutcheon; The Beachley and Scott Band, an east-coast bluegrass group; The Cane Creek Cloggers; jazz notes were represented by Harmonious Wail; and The Ebony Hillbillies filled the old-time role at the festival.

Hiawatha Music Festival
Everyone had their own kind of fun at the Festival

Saturday afternoon the festival was interrupted by a rain storm.  The crowd disappeared for awhile but the dedicated stayed put.  Within an hour the rain stopped and the festival goers poured back into their seats.

Outside of the main-stage the festival was full of other exciting things to do.  Families and friends could camp out the entire weekend.  They could indulge in many different types of food vendors.  All the way from organic food, to local favorites, back to fried favorites.


33rd Annual Hiawatha Music Festival
'Chase the Squirrel' dance workshop

Small workshops were presented throughout the weekend by the main-stage performers.  One featured workshop was dance lessons directed on Saturday afternoon.  Participants learned a dance called Chase the Squirrel.  While swinging with their partners they were accompanied by a violin, guitar, banjo, and keyboard playing music similar to what you would expect to hear at the festival.  While learning the swinging moves the dancers clicked their feet to the beat of the music.

A group of vendors was present next to the main-stage.  They were selling vibrant clothing covered in tie-dye patterns and beaded work as well as jewelry and handbags.  If you weren’t in the mood to shop for festival wear you could receive a massage as a way to put your ‘body back in balance’ at the festival.

Younger festival goers had the option to participate in many arts and crafts activities throughout the weekend.  Or they could climb on the tourist park swing sets and jungle gyms.

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