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Upper Peninsula Weekly Fishing Report – April 6, 2022

Little Bay de Noc: Perch anglers reported mixed success. Most anglers were fishing across from Kipling in depths of 40 to 45 feet of water. Some anglers were also catching perch in shallower waters near the Kipling launch and by the Days River. Anglers reported more success while using wigglers, but some perch were caught on minnows as well.

Keweenaw Bay/Huron Bay: Anglers were catching some lake trout as well as whitefish and some coho salmon in shallow waters. Most fishing pressure was concentrated around the river mouths and anglers reported that steelhead were in the rivers. On the ice, most anglers had success in waters 60 feet deep and shallower with some as far in as 8 feet. While the deep-water anglers persist, less and less pressure was being applied to those systems. Reports off the ice were starting to increase in smelt and whitefish schooling in these shallower depths as well. Most fish were caught on jigs and lures tipped with natural bait however some found success with un-baited lures. Fish seem to be moving in near rivers so anglers should try shallower depths where the fish may be staging.

South Portage Entry/ Big Traverse Bay: Water was open north of the Portage entry canal with some ports still locked by snow piles and docks. Open water fishing was possible north of the canal with proper access.

Munising Bay: Angling pressure continued to be low. A few pressure cracks showed up near the channels and close to Grand Island. Fishing success had been spotty. One day anglers were catching limits and next day they were catching nothing. Catches were comprised mainly of coho with a few splake. Majority of anglers reported zero to two coho. A few burbot with some catches of smelt were reported off Sand Point.

Hessel Bay: Anglers were having success fishing for perch in Hessel Bay. Anglers were sorting through a ton of smaller perch to get their keepers. There were two 13-inch perch caught this past week. Anglers were also recently reporting catches of splake. There were a number of smelt recently seen and caught within the bay. Smelt were caught on wax worms while targeting perch and splake were caught on live minnows.

Two Hearted River: Fishing picked up nicely over the past couple of weeks. Many anglers were seeing limits of steelhead. The area was still snow covered and roads were impassable, requiring snowmobiles to reach the river. Most of the fishing pressure was limited to the lower reaches of the river and immediate to the river mouth. Anglers were using spawn and single beads. Snowpack remains in this area of Luce County until warmer temperatures and rain comes in.


Fishing Tip:

What’s this oily sheen in the water? If it shatters when you poke it with a stick, it’s likely due to natural bacterial processes. If it clings together, take a picture, note your location and report it to the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy’s Pollution Emergency Alerting System (PEAS).

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