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Seven tips for beating the ACT test!


Hey ACT Student!

This school year is nearly half over, many students are studying for the ACT.

A.K.A one of the scariest things you may ever do in your life.

The ACT is a test that includes, 215 multiple-choice questions  and takes approximately 3 hours to complete. In the test you must answer Science, Math, Reading and English questions as well as an essay portion.  Many students think that ACT test is the most terrifying 3 hours, of their lives… So I thought I might give you seven tips for study prep!

#1. Read each question carefully.

If you read the questions more carefully, you will get more answers right!

#2. Pace yourself — don’t spend to much time on a single passage or question. This will also cut down on the total test taking time.

#3. Answer every question!

You are scored on the multiple-choice questions you answer correctly, there is no penalty for guessing. If you leave the answer blank you can guaranteed a zero, but if you fill in the answer, even with a guess you have a 25% (1 in 4) chance of getting the answer right!

ACT - teenager with books

#4. Prepare yourself for the ACT test beginning a month before the exam date. Cramming is not an option!

If you begin at least a month prior, and study a couple of times a week, you will learn a lot.

#5. Buy “The Real ACT Study Guide”

The book consists of 5 practices test, oh here is another tip…think about taking the first four tests within a couple months, and then take the fifth test one week before your actual test. When you take the fifth test go somewhere new or different, be a room alone, with out your cell phone,  and with as little distractions as possible.

#6. Consider the four main ACT testing categories:  Science,  Math,  English and Reading. Think of it as four little tests instead of this HUGE test that determines the rest of your future.

and finally…

#7. The ACT test does NOT determine whether you are smart or dumb, a book worm or a math nerd, take the test to beat the test and not let the test beat you. Don’t be so consumed with “I have to pass, I have to pass” because you will probable make yourself more nervous, than you would have been in the first place. Remember you can always take it again.

Check out these websites, for more ACT prep help!




Let me know if these tips helped! Thanks for reading!


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