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Shopping Show Newsletter Updated for Online Viewing

Check out this week's online newsletter.

Marquette, MI  –  March 31, 2020  –  It’s only natural we experience some technically difficulties during this crazy time. So, unfortunately we won’t be sending out our newsletter this week by email. But you can still see everything we are featuring in the newsletter and all of the items we have in stock at GreatLakeShopping.com!

Check out this week’s online newsletter.

It looks exactly like the newsletter you’re regularly get in your email, no weird changes or complicated steps, we promise! Just click the link.

Take a look at the site to catch up on what’s going on with our weekly Shopping Show and pick out what to order. We will be running things the same way as last week. Call 227-7777 during the Shopping Show from 9-11am. Abbie will call you back by 12pm to get your orders paid for via credit card. From there, we’ll get your certificates printed and in the mail!

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