Both teams line up for the National Anthem.

Kingsford, MIThursday, December 20th, 2018The Marquette Redmen traveled to Kingsford Thursday night, where they beat the Kingsford Flivvers in a nail-biting battle to claim the comeback win with a score of 5-4. All of the live action was brought to 103 FXD.

1st Period

The game started off strong as Marquette dominated the ice. However, not far into the period, Kingsford got the puck in the net, bringing the score to a 1-0 Flivver lead. That first goal created a chain reaction, with Kingsford scoring another goal at the 10:05 mark, with another goal  not long after that. After only seven Flivver shots, three of them resulted in goals. The first period score was left at 3-0, with Kingsford in the lead.

2nd Period

The second period began with a Flivver goal only 56 seconds into the period, bringing the score to a 4-0 in their favor. That fourth Flivver goal must have lit a fire under Marquette, because they then went on to score four even-strength goals to tie the game! The first goal, scored at the 11:04 mark, belonged to Hogan Nemetz off of a pass from Tanner Phillips. The second goal, scored at the 17:19 mark came from Gaetanno Cammarata, off of a pass from Sean O’Connor. The third came from Ansel Frost, again, with an assist by O’Connor. With around 14 seconds to go in the period, Ryan Baldwin scored the game-tying goal, bringing the second period score to an even 4-4.

3rd Period

The third period seemed to begin at a stalemate. Both teams managed to get some shots on goal, but the magic didn’t come until around the 10:34 mark when Ryan Baldwin scored his second goal of the game, thanks to an assist by Tanner Phillips. This goal put Marquette in the lead, 5-4, and marked the first Redmen lead of the game. Marquette was in control of the game, easily working the puck around the Flivvers. Marquette was able to keep Kingsford at bay, taking the amazing win with a final score of 5-4!

The Marquette Redmen will play their next game Friday, December 28th, 2018 at home against Bay City. The pre-game show will begin at 7:30 pm, with puck drop at 8 pm on Fox Sports Marquette. Shout out to Marquette’s Ryan Baldwin, MI Internet’s Player of the Game. Great job!


Photos courtesy of Amy Luke.





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