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Marquette -  April 14, 2011 -   I am excited and encouraged about our new Creativity initiative at the Radio Station.  Our 5 Radio signals cover 200 miles.  But with our 12 web sites we are reaching folks around the globe.  Just like Elmer says,  it’s so nice to open the mic on WFXD Saturday nights [...]

Confidence is up!

I see that “Consumer Confidence” is improving… The economy is turning around and growing again. Appliances Show Encouraging Sales Increase…   In another sign that consumer confidence may be improving, The NPD Group reported that both major and small appliance sales posted positive dollar and unit sales figures in the fourth quarter (October to December) of [...]

Meat Balls, Fresh Salads, $5,000, lots of smiles in Ishpeming

Ishpeming -  April 14 2011 -  Hundreds of yoopers turned out to win the Mathews Floor Fashions $5,000.00 flooring prize. I was looking at the pictures again and can’t help but smile.  Friends & Customer are so much fun, talking, and enjoying Mama Russo’s fresh salads and meat balls.  Take a look at these folks.   [...]