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Blue Berries Are Twice As Big In Spring Lake As Compared...

Spring Lake  -  August 10, 2011  -  The blue berry crop in the Upper Peninsula looks to be abundant again this year. The berries...

Blueberry Festival 2011

I have a confession to make..... I have lived in Marquette Mi for three years, almost four; and I have never been to the Blueberry...

Blueberry Season Festivities in Marquette

Marquette, MI-07/26/2011- Blueberry picking season is my favorite time of year in Marquette.  Prime time for picking is late July into early August. Local...

Upper Peninsula Chickens Short Out 100 Watt Incandescent Bulbs

I smile watching Chickens.  It is hilarious as they move around the pen as they sneak outside and chase the closest bug. I love those fresh brown eggs they lay and reluctantly surrender everyday to my probing hand under them.1  Fried, the robust yellow yokes taste twice as good as grocery store’s white eggs. One [...]

McMurray Hatchery’s new born chicks remind us of new beginnings!

Ishpeming – April 30, 2011 – Look at these little birds, these furry friends. These are a couple day old ring neck pheasants. They are so tiny and soft. Spring brings freshness and life. Being outside during Upper Michigan warm spring afternoons rejucinates me… ok rejuvenates me! Related Posts:5inches of “Spring Snow” waters the BlueberriesMeet [...]

5inches of “Spring Snow” waters the Blueberries

Negaunee -  April 27, 2011  -  Most everyone I talked to yesterday hated this spring storm. I didn’t mind the fresh blanket of white. Plus what can we really do about it? My opinion is keep a positive attitude at all costs. Related Posts:Sturgeon Bay is buried in SnowMeet the Westwood Patriots Golf, Tennis, Cross [...]