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Jake Owen: Details of Fiancee’s Diamond Engagement Ring

All American Morning News with Eric Scott 4/20/2012 ( -- When Jake Owen spontaneously proposedto his girlfriend, Lacey Buchanan, during a concert in his hometown of...

Doc’s Soapbox & Question Of The Day

OK. People Talk! We've all been known to engage in "Gossip" and "Water-Cooler" Conversations, but come on now. How far removed are you from...

Frankie Ballard: A Success Story from My High School

08-03-2011- Frankie Ballard played the national anthem on his guitar at our high school in Battle Creek, MI during my senior year. He had...

Learning To Live With Lizzy Ann

  OK I'm not saying I'm a celebrity or anything like that; but I was recognized by my voice at the Art On The Rocks....

Sunrise and Sunsets Are Fantastic In The Upper Peninsula

Negaunee Township – July 25, 2011 -  The U.P. sky has incredible beauty to me lately. Why have I not noticed the beautiful sky colors, the colorful cloud shapes, and the dew and mist of the morning? Do I walk around with my eyes closed? Am I so busy that I don’t look up? Lately, [...]

Yoopers Recorded with Tender Comments on Why They Love Their Mom

HappyMothersDay-5min Moms are so special. I feel we need to honor mom more often. Dinner and a carnation is good, a phone call better, a visit the best!  Wednesday morning we asked the question on our “Saving Show”on the Radio, “Tell us why you Love your Mom”.  We had over 30 people call during the [...]

My friend sent me these people at point of need saying,...

Marquette -  April 21, 2011  – My friend reminded me that Life happens, and challenges come.  When big challenges surprise us, it’s amazing how religious we can become.  When confronted with an extreme challenge, even the causal atheists  or agnostic has been know to cry out, “Dear Jesus Help me”… Related Posts:Shopping Show Wednesday Morning [...]

Upper Peninsula web site is up and looking resoruceful and fun

Marquette – April 6, 2011 – The Country powerhouse radio station WFXD 103.3 The Country Extreme launches a dramatic new web site look. is loaded with articles, videos, local content, local sports posts, and local pictures. At first blush, I found this site interesting because it showcases so many Upper Peninsula people and their [...]