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Marquette Committees Collaborate to Improve Township Business

Marquette - 03/13/12 - Marquette Township Business Association and members of the Marquette Charter Township Committee members met to exchange ideas on how to...

Rewards For Crime Convictions In Marquette Township

Marquette Charter Township - December 2, 2011- Rewards will be paid for the conviction of those doing crime in the township.I'm sure you are...

Sunrise and Sunsets Are Fantastic In The Upper Peninsula

Negaunee Township – July 25, 2011 -  The U.P. sky has incredible beauty to me lately. Why have I not noticed the beautiful sky colors, the colorful cloud shapes, and the dew and mist of the morning? Do I walk around with my eyes closed? Am I so busy that I don’t look up? Lately, [...]

Marquette Charter Township Board and Marquette Township Business Have A Meeting...

Marquette Township _ July 19th 2001 - For the first full time in a decade, the Marquette Township Board met with the Marquette Township Business Association to discuss a revamped approach to more easily attract new businesses into the township. The Marquette Township Business Association requested a work session to discuss past, present, and future [...]