Ryan Pizziola and Eric Strazzinski on The Outdoor Show

Marquette, MI – December 12, 2019 – It was a snowy day in Marquette on Thursday, but Adam Carpenter had another great edition of The Outdoor Show in store for the listeners despite the ugly weather. Adam’s first guest was Ryan Pizziola of Wilderness Sports in Ishpeming.  Ryan talked about some of the reports he […]

You Don’t See These Very Often!

Check this out…my boyfriend and I were driving down our dirt road and we saw this cool guy! Normally, owls are not seen during the day because most are nocturnal. This poor guy must have been hungry because we saw him in the same spot twice, once in the morning and once in late afternoon. […]

Can You Guess What These Little Outhouses Are?

Only someone who grew up in Trenary, home of the Outhouse Classics, would own outhouse…salt-and-pepper shakers! A few weeks back, my boyfriend and I traveled to Peshtigo, Wisconsin to watch the Packer’s game with some family members. On the way back we stopped at this really cool gas station in Cedar River. There’s a little […]

A Freezing U.P. Yields A Spectacular U.P.

I knew this morning was going to be our coldest day yet, but I didn’t expect it to be so beautiful! I woke up and rolled over to see an amazing sunrise out my window this morning, so the day already started of lovely. My truck started with hardly any problems, a major worry even […]

T-Minus 67 Hours and Counting!

Today is November 12th, that means Tuesday is the 13th, Wednesday is the 14th and Thursday is the 15th! If you don’t know..the 15th is opening day of rifle season..a big deal in my family! Well for my community really. My high school talked about giving students opening day off since so many kids would […]

It’s Hematite Friday Night!

Tonight is the first round of playoff for high school football and the #1 seeded Ishpeming Hematites are taking on the #4 seeded Lincoln Alcona Tigers! It Hematite Friday Night on 98-3 WRUP – We Rock the U.P., Mike Plourd and Bob Nadeau will have the call starting at 6:30 p.m. with the pre-game show; […]

The First Snow

We woke up to snow Saturday morning and the flurries continued all day long! After Gwinn JV football Thursday, Negaunee vs. Ishpeming football Friday and Superior Central’s homecoming Saturday, it was safe to say that I was frozen! Thursday was the calm before the storm. Then Friday was very cold, but minimal snow fall for […]