John Creten and Shannon Kortman

Shannon Kortman tells the amazing story of getting his first bear and how they overcame his disability. Shannon Part One Shannon Part Two John Creten talks about walleye and perch reports. John Part One John Part Two

Mike Thorman from the WMAC and Nick

Mike Thorman from the Wolf Management Council talks about the next meeting, its agenda, and possible presentations. Mike Part One Mike Part Two Nick from Superior Outfitters joins us to talk about current Fishing reports in Marquette county. Nick Part One Nick Part Two

Justin and Nick join us for Bear and Fishing Reports

Justin from Woodland Firearms of Baraga Talks about bear hunting and the largest bear he has ever seen. Justin Part One Justin Part Two Nick from Superior outfitters talks to us about his recent fishing for walleye and salmon. Nick Part One Nick Part Two

Capt Bill and Steven Armatti, on Walleye and Rut Dust

Capt Bill recaps his fishing trip with your very own Adam and Bob and we talk about our catch and what we caught them on. Capt Bill Part One Capt Bill Part Two Steven joins us for an explanation on Rut Dust and his experience being an instructor for the Becoming an Outdoor Woman (BOW) […]

Mike Thorman of the wolf management Council and Nick Simon

Mike Thorman Director for the Michigan Hunting Dog Federation gives us more updates on the second wolf management meeting. Mike Part One Mike Part Two Nick from Superior outfitters updates us on fishing around Marquette County. Nick Part One Nick Part Two

Scott Evans with Hunters For Life and Pete Sorel

Scott Evans updates us on the charity bear hunts and how the goose season is looking. Scott Part One Scott Part Two Pete Sorel lets us know how the acorns are looking in the west and how the fishing is transitioning into fall patterns. Pete Part One Pete Part Two

Amy Trotter from the Wolf Management Council and Capt. Bill

Amy Trotter from The Wolf Management Council recaps their second meeting and her view of public opinion. As well as an update on the MUCC conservation efforts. Amy Part One Amy Part Two Capt Bill updates us on the salmon and walleye situation out on the big waters after getting blown off the water. Bill […]

Bret Tallman and the Manistique salmon tournament

Bret Tallman joins us to give us the details on the Manistique Salmon trout tournament and the current fishing conditions. Tallman Part One Tallman Part Two Nick From Superior outfitters Updates us on the trout streams and walleye fishing. Nick Part One Nick Part Two