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Testimonials, comments, and questions from WFXD listeners.

So excited that Jo Dee Messina released a new record on her very own label! Love her music and absolutely love her concerts. She’s an all around great artist, person, mom, etc…All the best to her! Thanks for adding her new music and having ‘A Woman’s Rant’ as your song of the day for today on 103-FXD!



I was driving to visit family and had this station on sometime after 5
pm. There was a short “Sermon” on the air, and I enjoyed what he had
to say. I am wondering if I could have the name of the person who was
speaking or a web page, perhaps? Thank you!!



Hi Dad

Listening tonight from windy Cheyenne. How about a little Johnny &
June… Jackson. Thanks and love you,



I really like that you continue to play xmas music, at least for a few
days, after xmas. I feel it is still the Christmas week. Thanks




I listen to the radioshow today at the evening at 8.30 pm and heard that Luke has an exchange student from GERMANY 🙂 I am living in Germany too, and live here for 6 Month (till March). I live in Sagola so it would only be 1 hour drive 🙂 I would be intrested at meeting him 🙂 Maybe we could EMail? It would be interesting to talk about he is seeing all that experience and the culture:)

Looking forward to hear from you:)



I called Friday about getting a request out for A.J. and the boys at camp D-Conn, near Watson to play anything Elmer likes.

We do especially enjoy, Elemer’s own recording about Marquette County, Gwinn & etc blues, otherwise it’s Del Mc Curdy’s 74th Birthday today, or Ray Price & Hank Williams always are a pleasure to the ears.

Thanks again your tuned in friends from Green Bay. (Eric your a pleasure to talk to)

Roger Pomprowitz & AJ


To Dennis of On the Job with Dennis on 103.3 The Country Extreme –
You have found your calling!! Enjoy listening to you on the radio -you
do an excellent job!!!!

JuJu, Gina & Deni say Hi & keep up the good work:)


I just got word that you are playing songs by TJ Maddux on your station. I have to congragulate you in doing this, as his song, “Homegrown Country Girl” held our #1 most requested song on my FM station for 6 solid weeks.
We had the chance to interview TJ and would be more than send you a copy of that interview is you wish. He is an easy interview and great over-all person.
Again, congrats on airing his music, you won’t regret it.
Jan Starks


LOVE that new song by Joanna Smith!!!! Finally, REAL country and such a powerful song!!!
Beverly Bush


Thank you so much for adding “Maybe I’m Amazed” to your radio station!!! Love Steel Magnolia and love this song – it’s so beautiful!!! Everyone can follow Steel Magnolia on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/steelmagnoliamusic and on twitter @steelmagnolia11 and on their personal accounts @meghanlinsey @joshscottjones 🙂 Thank you again for playing Steel Magnolia on your radio station!!! 🙂 God bless y’all!!


The Sound a Dream Makes by Heartland is the best song that’s come out in a LONG time. Hits the heart. Awesome, Love it!
Rodney Walls


Thank you so much for supporting our Roar the Shore – Ride for the Beacon House event!! The Flat Broke Blues Band was spectacular and made everything come together perfectly.
You guys are the greatest!!
Mary Dowling


Morning Eric! Could you plz play Toby Keiths Cryin for Me (waymans song) Haven’t heard it in a long time and love it! Thanks! Have a great day and I continue to be your stations biggest fan and cheerleader! Turning everybody’s dials to 103.3!


Morning Eric! Thanks for the mention on your program! Yes of course I was listening as ALWAYS! You guys all have an AWESOME day! Debbie at Spotless Spaces 🙂


I absolutely LOVE Andy Gibson’s new single Summer Back!! This is a song everyone can relate to and has such a great melody!! Perfect summer song!! Officially MY 2012 summer anthem!! 🙂
Dawn Fuoroli


Thursday is great and I’ll be listening as always! Thanks Eric your the best and for sure I will KEEP IT COUNTRY! 🙂 Hope your having an awesome day!


I would like to say that you are doing a real good time of playing the country & western  music and local ones to and I would like to  request a song for Nancy and it is called if I have this time for rest of my life by Vince Gill and that is it.


Hi Jordan! My name’s Tove from Munising. I’m a huge fan of “The Country Extreme” love it. I see you join the team as of July 2011 and I hope your loving it! Its currently 1030 on this cold January morning. I’m currently checking out my facebook and listening to you and the crew on the country extreme. I must say you seem like really bubbly gal :). Is your station on facebook at all? If so let me know cause I like to add. Anyway good, take care and have a great day!!! 🙂