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Snowy weekend and mid-week rain chances


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A swath of snow will move into our area Sunday and will persist throughout the day leading to some slushy road conditions with total accumulation being around 1-3″ after the system passes through.

Mid next week shows a slight warm up with temperatures hovering around the low 40′s which could lead to a lot of this new snow melting. Temperatures will return to average by the end of next week.

>Highs: Mid 30s

Sunday: Snow will persist throughout the day especially in the morning hours of the day

>Highs: High 30s

Monday: Snow begins to taper off in the afternoon and will dissipate completely by the evening

>Highs: Low 40s

Tuesday: A slight warm up with a chance of rain to occur in the late hours of the night and into Wednesday

>Highs: Low 40s

Wednesday: AM Rain that leads into mostly cloudy conditions in the evening

>Highs: Mid 30s

Thursday: Mostly cloudy conditions with average temps

>Highs: 30s

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