Home Weather Snowy and blustery Sunday with a warm up mid-next week

Snowy and blustery Sunday with a warm up mid-next week


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While it will be calm tonight, snowy conditions will persist all throughout Sunday and into the morning of Monday. A front allows snow to move into our area from the west and brings a round of lake effect snow afterwards. Though the snow won’t stick around for very long due to a small warm up mid-next week around Tuesday into Wednesday. Small show showers are possible on Thanksgiving Day so keep that in mind while traveling to your family gathering.

>Highs: Upper 30s

Sunday: Mostly cloudy while developing into snow and a round of lake effect snow impacting most of the Upper Peninsula

>Highs: Mid 30s

Monday: AM Snow with it tapering off towards the afternoon leaving only cloudy conditions

>Highs: Upper 30s

Tuesday: Mild but mostly sunny conditions

>Highs: Low 40s

Wednesday: Mostly cloudy but temps will melt the snow from the late weekend

>Highs: Mid 30s

Thanksgiving Day: Chance of some small snow showers throughout the day; mostly cloudy

>Highs: 30s

Friday: Mostly cloudy conditions

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