Home Weather Snow piles on as frigid air moves in

Snow piles on as frigid air moves in


Bitter cold temperatures are on the horizon as the snow continues to move throughout the Upper Peninsula. Travel conditions will be hindered so make sure to leave yourself extra time when traveling tomorrow. The colder temperatures will not stick around for long as more seasonal temps settle in by mid next week.

>Highs: Mid to Low 20s

Monday: Overcast conditions with lake effect snow developing throughout the day

>Highs: Mid 10s

Tuesday: Bitter cold conditions with mostly cloudy skies

>Highs: Mid 20s

Wednesday: Mostly sunny skies as temperatures ease up

>Highs: Low 30s

Thursday: Chance snow showers throughout the day and mostly cloudy skies

>Highs: 30s

Friday: Mostly cloudy skies; seasonable temps

>Highs: 30s

Saturday: Mostly cloudy with chance snow showers

>Highs: 30s

Sunday: Snow shower chances with mostly cloudy skies

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