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Snow chances increase into the weekend with a frigid start to next week


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As the wintry mix chances decrease by the end of night, snow chances increase we get closer to the weekend. Snow will mostly move in by the late hours of Saturday into most of the day Sunday. If the snow wasn’t enough temperatures could also get to frigid lows as some areas could see teens and wind chills could get even lower. Then mostly cloudy conditions persist into the rest of the week with isolated snow chances.

>Highs: Mid to Upper 30s

Thursday: As the mixed precipitation withers away in the morning temperatures will decrease throughout the day

>Highs: Mid to Upper 30s

Friday: Mostly cloudy with light snow showers

>Highs: Mid 30s

Saturday: Snow chances in the evening to affect mostly northern counties but

>Highs: Mid to upper 20s

Sunday: Colder conditions with snow affecting most of the Upper Peninsula

>Highs: Mid 20s

Monday: Colder temperatures with isolated snow showers

>Highs: Low 20s

Tuesday: Mostly cloudy conditions with frigid lows

>Highs: Western counties experiencing teens while eastern counties could see low 20s

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