Home Weather Calm night ahead with snow and wintry mix this upcoming week

Calm night ahead with snow and wintry mix this upcoming week


Tonight is going to be a calmer night with the occasional gust but there isn’t much time for a breather when it comes to snow as chances rise and a warm front moves into the region Monday. The snow will move eastward throughout the day with accumulation around 1-3 inches in most places, some areas could see isolated higher accumulation though. Though with that warm weather brings chances for a mix of rain/snow showers to produce rainfall which could lead to some slick roads on Thursday so make sure to plan ahead for next week.

>Highs: Mid to Low 30s

Monday: Warm front moves in bringing snow in the morning and moves eastward throughout the day

>Highs: Low 30s

Tuesday: Mostly cloudy conditions with seasonal temps

>Highs: Mid 30s

Wednesday: Mostly cloudy skies with chances of a wintry mix in the evening hours

>Highs: Mid 30

Thursday: Mostly cloudy skies with some chances of isolated snow showers

>Highs: Low 30s

Friday: Mostly cloudy skies

>Highs: 30s

Saturday: Mostly cloudy conditions

>Highs: 30s

Sunday: Mostly cloudy conditions

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