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Warm next few days as rain chances increase


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Tonight and tomorrow will be some of the better days we’ve had after the snow Saturday. We will also experience above average temperatures possibly melting all of the snow for the snow-lovers out there. As the week progresses rain chances do increase as well with the bulk of the rain occurring Wednesday night into Thursday. Overall a calm but somewhat rainy week for the Upper Peninsula.

>Highs: Low 40s

Monday: Mostly sunny conditions and mild winds

>Highs: Upper 30s to Low 40s

Tuesday: Clouds increase throughout the day as conditions remain mild

>Highs: Mid to possibly High 40s

Wednesday: Warmest day of the week as rain chances increase into the night hours

>Highs: High 30s to Low 40s

Thursday: Rainy conditions as some of our western counties could see a small mix

>Highs: 30s

Friday: Partly cloudy skies as temperatures being to become more seasonal

>Highs: 20s

Saturday: Mostly cloudy skies

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