Home Weather Blustery night and snow showers ahead

Blustery night and snow showers ahead


Wind gusts tonight into tomorrow could get to 30-35+ across the U.P. so trash cans have a chance to be blown around easily. Windy conditions will subside by the afternoon hours of Monday as mild lake effect snow impacts the eastern counties. Snow showers will move through the region Tuesday throughout most of the day and could leave behind a few inches in most areas.

>Highs: Mid to Low 20s

Monday: Lake effect snow to affect eastern counties; decreasing temps throughout the day

>Highs: Low 20s

Tuesday: Snow showers to move eastward through U.P.; colder temps at night

>Highs: Mid 20s

Wednesday: Break from snow with partly sunny skies

>Highs: Low 30s

Thursday: Mostly cloudy skies with chances of wintry mix

>Highs: Low 30s

Friday: Chances of moderate snow; mostly cloudy

>Highs: Mid 20s

Saturday: Chances of snow; mostly cloudy

>Highs: Mid 20s

Sunday: Cloudy conditions

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