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Snowy precip after the holidays


The holidays are looking to be mostly calm as some of our western counties could see some isolated snow tomorrow. After the holidays, we are expecting a round of snow that could impact the region Sunday night into most of Monday. Some of our eastern counties could see a chance of some mixed precipitation as well during Monday. Travel plans could be hindered with this snow so make sure to prepare ahead of time when it comes to this snow.

>Highs: Upper 20s to Low 30s

Christmas Day: Isolated snow in western; mostly cloudy

>Highs: Mid to Upper 20s

Sunday: Mostly cloudy with snow chances in the late hours of the night

>Highs: Mid to Upper 20s

Monday: Widespread snow across the Upper Peninsula

>Highs: Upper 20s to Low 30s

Tuesday: Cloudy and mild with some chances of snow in evening

>Highs: Mid 20s

Wednesday: Mostly cloudy with another round of snow

>Highs: Mid 20s

Thursday: Colder air moves in with partly sunny skies

>Highs: High teens to Low 20s

Friday: Mostly cloudy

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