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Snow chances increase into mid-next week


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As we approach the end of the year we have one small system moving in with snow that will move through our central and eastern counties. Cold temperatures move in from the west and most of the Upper Peninsula will experience high teens and some places temps in the singles. It doesn’t stick around for long and snow chances will increase Tuesday night into Wednesday afternoon.

>Highs: Upper 10s to Low 20s

New Years’ Eve: Isolated snow showers in evening;

>Highs: Low 10s to Low 20s

New Years’ Day: Mostly cloudy with mild lake effect snow; below seasonal temps

>Highs: Low 10s

Sunday: Frigid air moves in; Mostly cloudy

>Highs: 10s

Monday: Cool air still persists; Mostly cloudy conditions

>Highs: Low to Mid 20s

Tuesday: Cloudy with chances of snow showers increasing by the evening hours

>Highs: Mid 20s to Low 30s

Wednesday: Snow showers in morning and parts of the afternoon

>Highs: 20s

Thursday: Mostly cloudy conditions; slightly cooler

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