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Snowfall after artic air subsides


The colder air is closer to moving out of our region but tonight we will still see some negatives. Tuesday night is looking to be the beginning of an active system that will last the majority of Wednesday. Wind is looking to pick up during Wednesday so visibilities could be low during this system with all the loose snow blowing around. After the initial system moves out we will experience lake effect snow so accumulations will be higher closer to Superior.

>Highs: High 10s to Low 20s

Monday: More sunny conditions as temperatures being to rise

>Highs: Low-Mid 20s

Tuesday: Mostly cloudy conditions as snow chances rise in evening

>Highs: Mid 20s

Wednesday: Widespread snow event and blustery conditions

>Highs: High 10s to Low 20s

Thursday: Mostly cloudy throughout with isolated snow showers

>Highs: Mid 10s

Friday: Temps somewhat below average; mostly cloudy

>Highs: Low 20s

Saturday: Mostly cloudy

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