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Snowy and cold start to the day


Travel conditions in the east will be more difficult as lake effect snow will be dominant for most of the day until the evening. Temperatures will also be well below average with even lower wind chills, some areas experiencing -30°. Temps will begin to average out as we get closer to Tuesday and Wednesday with a small chance of snow Wednesday night.

>Highs: Negatives to low singles

Monday: Lake effect snow along the northwest bands accumulating in eastern counties; cold temps

>Highs: High singles to Mid 10s

Tuesday: Partly cloudy skies with slightly warmer temps compared to Monday

>Highs: Mid 10s to Low 20s

Wednesday: Seasonal temps with partly sunny skies; isolated snow in the evening

>Highs: Mid to High 20s

Thursday: Mostly cloudy conditions throughout the day

>Highs: 20s

Friday: Mostly cloudy conditions

>Highs: 20s

Saturday: Mostly cloudy

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