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Snow & cold returns


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A cold front will swing across the Upper Peninsula early this morning. Behind it, colder air filters in, and rain/snow mix develops. THen, light snow continues tomorrow for many areas north. We’re looking at 1-3″ of snow. High pressure moves in on Wednesday allowing clouds to clear. The jetstream will bring a ridge for the end of the week leading to a warm-up.

Today: Cloudy with scattered light snow west and mix elsewhere

>Highs: Upper 30s west, Upper 40s east

Tuesday: Light snow west and north

>Highs: 20 north/west, low to mid-30s south

Wednesday: Mostly sunny and cold

>Highs: Upper 30s west, low 40s east

Thursday: Partly cloudy and more seasonal

>Highs: Upper 40s

Friday: Partly cloudy and seasonal

>Highs: Upper 40s to low 50s

Saturday: Cloudy and warmer

>Highs: Upper 50s to low 60s

Sunday: Cloudy with a few scattered rain showers

>Highs: Mid to upper 50s

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