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Chilly Thursday morning then warming up


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Building, cresting high pressure over Northwestern Ontario clears out the clouds and relaxes the wind flow over Upper Michigan Wednesday night. The clear, calm conditions however enforce rapid overnight cooling with potential Thursday morning temps in the single numbers (above zero) for interior locations. Temperatures then warm up to seasonal averages in the afternoon. Mostly sunny skies turn to mostly cloudy in the evening as a Central Plains system moves towards the U.P. The building high pressure holds and limits the system’s impact to the region, providing light to occasional moderate rain showers mainly across the western half of the U.P. (isolated east).

The strong high pressure keeps conditions mostly dry Saturday, in which coupled with gusty southeast winds could present a fire danger risk in Upper Michigan during the daytime hours. By evening, the fire risk lessens as the high pressure over the region breaks down, and a strong Central Plains system approaches the U.P. Potentially soaking rain over 1″ and isolated thunderstorms are possible in the U.P. Sunday.

Rain chances diminish Monday as the system exits Upper Michigan. Then, another system from the Central Plains brings widespread rain and thunderstorm chances Wednesday.

Thursday: Mostly sunny early, then increasing clouds in the afternoon with rain showers in the evening; mild

>Highs: Lower 40s-Mid 50s

Friday: Partly to mostly cloudy with scattered light to occasionally moderate rain showers, especially west (fewer east); mild

>Highs: 50

Saturday: Partly cloudy early, then increasing clouds in the afternoon with rain showers in the evening; warm and breezy

>Highs: 60

Sunday, May 1st: Mostly cloudy with scattered moderate to occasionally heavy rain, isolated thunderstorms and breezy; mild

>Highs: 50

Monday: Mostly cloudy with scattered rain showers then diminishing in the evening; mild

>Highs: 40s-50

Tuesday: Partly cloudy and mild

>Highs: 40s-50

Wednesday: Mostly cloudy with scattered rain and isolated thunderstorms; mild

>Highs: 40s

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