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One more hot day before some reprieve


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We have another hot day ahead with temperatures near 90° inland. Plus, the hazy sunshine continues. Our next front moves in tonight with light scattered rain showers and cooler air. Temperatures will trend below normal tomorrow afterward they get back to the 70s. Widespread rain showers will move on Thursday as another disturbance dives through.

Today: Hazy sunshine and hot

>Highs: Upper 80s inland, low 80s shorelines

Tuesday: Partly cloudy with morning isolated showers

>Highs: Low 60s north, low 70s south

Wednesday: Sun mixed with clouds and pleasant

>Highs: Low to mid-70s

Thursday: Cloudy with widespread rain

>Highs: Low to mid-70s

Friday: Partly cloudy, dry, and seasonal

>Highs: Mid 70s

Saturday: Morning rain with afternoon scattered showers

>Highs: Mid 70s

Sunday: Partly cloudy and warmer

>Highs: Low 80s

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