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2015 Win the Meat Questions

Does Honor Credit Union do mortgages?




Besides the fair, name an event Honor Credit Union has sponsored this year.




What’s the name of Honor Credit Union’s checking accoiunt that pays 5% APY?




What is Honor’s slogan?




Who can join Honor Credit Union?




Can you text money to a friend from your Honor account?




Can you round up your debit card expenses and use it toward your savings?




Can you put your favorite photo on your Honor debit card?




Where is the Honor Travel Club going this February?



Where are Honor’s branches in the U.P.?




Can you access your Honor account on the go with a smart phone app?



What U.P. school won the 2015 Honor Video Challenge?




What is the minimum balance on the Benefits Checking Account? (the one that earns 5% APY)



Name two of the social media sites that Honor is on:




What is Honor Credit Union’s community fund?




Where in Escanaba can you get fresh meat, in the bulk? I mean like purchasing 50 pounds of hamburger, or 40 pounds of pork, or a half a hog?



Where is the only locally owned and operated U.S.D.A. meat packaging plant in the U.P.?




What U.P. Meat processor offers livestock owners the processing options of a natural curing or a full smoking of the meat?



What U.P. meat processor offers their own seasoning, or the Seeds-n-Spores organic seasoning for making bulk pork into delicious breakfast sausage?




Where can you just walk in and say, “I want 50 pounds of beef?”



Which counties does the Hiawathaland Farm Bureau represent in the UP?




Ag is ranked as a large industry in Michigan. It’s in the top 10. What is the Ag ranking?




Michigan’s Food and Ag system accounts for how many billions of dollars of economic activity in Michigan?



Hiawathaland Farm Bureau asks, “How many jobs in Michigan does Agri-Food and Agri-Energy support?”




Let’s pretend you’d like to grow a few acres of vegetables, you’d like to raise some animals, or you have a neighbor complaining about your farm operation… What phone number do you call to discuss the Michigan Right to Farm Act?




What association offers hotel savings, a $500 bonus cash program on a new Ford, health insurance discounts, free Ag educational materials, and youth programs for 4H?



Who owns the Marquette County Fair?




Which counties do Market Animals available at the Marquette County Fair’s 4H Livestock Sale come from?