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Wynter Truesdell
Wynter Truesdell on Wynter ‘Til Dawn 103-FXD

Hello! My name is Wynter Truesdell, I was born and raised a Yooper. Menominee, MI is my home town and I came up to Marquette for College. I study Communciations, Psychology, and German. I find much joy in public speaking, socializing with my friends, watching CBS’s The Office, and playing with my cat, Owyn.

I am also currently the Director of Communications for a Bigfoot tourist attraction: The “Hyden” Adventure. I am very knowledgeable in all things animals. My Mother has taught me a lot about animal rehabilitation and the dos and don’ts of outdoor and indoor animals.

Mon-Fri 3am-6am on 103-FXD and streaming LIVE on wfxd.com.

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