T-Minus 67 Hours and Counting!

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Opening Day Countdown

Good luck hunters!

Today is November 12th, that means Tuesday is the 13th, Wednesday is the 14th and Thursday is the 15th!

If you don’t know..the 15th is opening day of rifle season..a big deal in my family! Well for my community really. My high school talked about giving students opening day off since so many kids would skip anyways!

I hope to get out in the woods as much as possible. There isn’t too much deer coming in around my area, but my boyfriend has some nice bucks on camera and I am just as happy video taping his hunt!

We’ve already stocked the fridge with jerky, mountain dew, gatorade, hot pockets, frozen pizzas, and we have our stock of Trenary Toast. Still on the checklist is: baiting, checking the camera pictures and setting up another blind. Not too bad.

Between the two of us I’m sure one of us will be successful! Hopefully no one gets buck fever!!


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