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As the 7th place finalist on the 7th season of American Idol, Kristy Lee Cook hasn’t had new music since the release of her debut album, “Why Wait” four years ago, but not her new album is due out next year.

Now, with the help of her father, Kristy has written her s new single with Luke Sheets and Michael Logen. The song is called “Airborne Ranger Infantry.”

Kristy’s father fought in the Vietnam War and he, like many veterans of that war, doesn’t talk much about it. He did write poems however, and the song consists of lines directly from those poems.

Kristy said the song is humbling and that it is emotional for her dad.

“My dad’s reaction was, ‘That is the best song I’ve ever heard,'” Kristy said. “I don’t think he’s ever stopped listening to it. It’s made him very emotional and, as he puts it, it’s healing, but it hurts as well because it takes him back.”

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