Al's Italian Beef in Chicago
Al’s Italian Beef in Chicago

Every time I go to Chicago eating a hotdog is pretty much required.  This is just a no brainier.  But the last few trips to the windy city Cori and I have searched out an Al’s Italian Beef for a sandwich like no other.  These things are incredible.  Al’s Beef starts out with a tasty fresh white bun, overflowing with spicy, juicy, beef, smothered in hot peppers….  Normally that would be enough, I’d say “Sign me up”.

But at Al’s they don’t stop with just making the sandwich, to really make the sandwich they dip it into the juice that the beef has been marinating and cooking in all day.  This sends it over the top, each bite packed with flavor and juicy beefy goodness!  Napkins are necessary and there is even a stance that the “Regulars” have adopted.  To avoid dripping all over your shirt they lean over a counter to eat it.  Plus, use lots of napkins.  All in all this is one of the best sandwiches around.